Please note: the 2021 season might be delayed due to COVID -19

To book your Bird Island tour:

Telephone: 1-902-929-2563
Toll Free: (Canada & US) 1-877-2PUFFIN (1-877-278-3346)

Or book online now!

Please read the instructions carefully:

  • First select your preferred tour date from the calendar
  • Next, click ‘Book This Tour’ on your preferred tour time
  • Select the amount and type of tickets required (note that you can choose to pay by cash on the tour date, but you will still need to use a credit card to hold the reservation.)
  • Fill in your contact and credit card details
  • Click ‘Submit / Preview’ to go to a summary of your booking
  • Complete your reservation by clicking ‘Submit’ again
  • Note: It is up to you to call us to re-confirmĀ as we do not sail in high winds

Please read before booking:

1. We are licensed through Transport Canada to carry passengers and with our licence we are given rules that we must follow . We are given sea conditions that we are NOT allowed to sail in. If we decide to break the rules and sail anyway, we have no insurance should something happen and we might loose our licence to operate and /or have a huge fine imposed on us.
When we cancel a tour it is because the sea conditions are higher than our licence will allow us to sail in as well as the safety of our passengers and their viewing experience on our tour. Sometimes this happens with very little notice as sea conditions can change very fast and we don’t have time to contact passengers to let them know as cell phone service can be unpredictable depending on the area. If another operator chooses to sail then please don’t fault our company for placing safety as a priority.

2. If seeing the Islands and all the birds that make their home there is part or the main reason that you are coming to Cape Breton, please do not leave the tour to your last day on the Island. Plan to do it as one of your first things when you arrive on the Island, then if the sea conditions change and we have to cancel, you still have some time to re-schedule. Please refer to the nesting times on my website to make sure that the species you are most interested in is still at the Islands.

3. If you have small children please bring something to occupy them as 2.5 to 3 hours can be a long time for a little one. Bring things that they like, books, small toy, snacks etc.

To book a 2021 tour, please use the right arrows (>) to scroll to the available tours in 2021.